Jul 21, 2011

sponsor minimalist knitter in August!

Sponsor august

July has been such a fun month for sponsorship, and August should be even better! We're going to continue to offer up featured giveaway posts to ALL sponsors, and with just a few weeks to go until baby there will be a flurry of posting going on here!

I was super excited to watch in July 2011, as we saw a 34% increase in readership! Visitors came from sites such as: Becoming Minimalist, The Wiegands, The Project 333, Srsly Liz, and Princess Lasertron!

Thanks to this, our readership has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, and folks are showing up every day (rain or shine!) to check in, share their stories, and chat about minimalism, knitting, family life and more!

To see a few more details (stats, pricing, etc) head to my Advertising and Sponsorship page, or just shoot me an email at rmcdevine@gmail.com if you know you're ready to sign up!

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