Jul 9, 2011

thoughts at 32 weeks


Concert 2

Concert 3

Little man, you sure do love Ben Folds! We went to a concert Friday night, and you flipped and wiggled the entire time, content with the fun music, the cooling off after the sun went down, and even the super expensive mini bottles of water!

According to the doc, you are still breech, head lodged firmly in my ribs. We're hoping the concert last night helped you flip around - where I normally feel kicks in my bladder and spleen, I've been feeling them in my side and ribs ever since - so I don't have to have any crazy procedures before your due date!

For the record, if at the next appointment we find out you've flipped over and are no longer breech, we're buying you a Ben Folds onesie and sending  Ben himself a thank you note for all he did to help us out!

{Your father is super happy you like good music, by the way. I'm not much of a music snob, listening to whatever happens to be on the raido that day, and he's been worried you'll grow up without a proper knowledge of what good music is. Your flips and turns to Ben Folds made him VERY happy!}

We're still working on your room, and thanks to a few showers happening in the next few weeks (along with a few Etsy purchases) we should have things ready to go by the beginning of August, just in case you decide to come early. I'm not putting any money in that idea, however - i was almost 3 weeks late, myself!

Just eight weeks until your due date, little man! Just eight more weeks!

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