Jul 15, 2011

thoughts at 33 weeks


Seven weeks to go! Less than two months and our little monster will be here ... we're starting to get super excited!

+ My left foot is consistently more swollen than my right foot at the end of the day. Not "I should be concerned" swollen, but ... swollen. I'm just thankful the swelling has only just begun in these last eight weeks!

+ I've started making lists of all the exciting things we'll get to share with the little monster come this fall - trips to the pumpkin patch, leaves changing color, fun Halloween costumes and so much more!

+ I'm inadvertantly participating in Project 333 again ... I'm down to two dresses, a pair of jeans, a pair of grey pants, a pair of khaki capris, three shirts and four tank tops. And one pair of shoes - my flip flops! I can't bring myself to pick up anything else though ... seven weeks is all I've got left!

+ All the major construction is done in our house!!!!! Zach got the floors done two weekends ago, and now we're just waiting for the carpet to get installed - the one project we're not doing ourselves! While most pregnant women spend these last six to seven weeks attempting major renovations, I'm excited to sit back and enjoy our finished house ... it's so wonderful!

The next week or two are going to be super full ... baby showers, parenting classes, visits from family, the last installment of Harry Potter, and so much more! Can't wait to document it all, and share as much as possible!

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