Jul 26, 2011

week in the life: Monday

Well, my plan of posting late at night failed - looks like I'll be sharing these the next morning instead! Monday was a quiet day - much quieter than I'd planned. We had grand dreams of running errands, but after several hours of baby shopping on Sunday I was worn out of stores and wanted to just stay home!

First look
Our bed, never made.
Trash and laundry
After my shower, I try to grab the trash from upstairs on Mondays - trash day is Tuesday, so I grab stuff from the second floor on Monday, pile it up, and then take it outside.

Also, that's sort of always what our laundry looks like ...

To work
Our drive to work - between our house and work are a bunch of industrial buildings.
To work 1
Our favorite part of our drive to work - the building on the left. It, and its twin on the other side of the street, has been abandoned for several years. A company recently bought the buildings and have been renovating them at lightning speed ... just down the street from us! It's wonderful to watch the neighborhood revitalize!


Lunch at work - leftovers, knitting and my Kindle!
New shoes

My new shoes! The only shoes I had left that fit were some ratty old flip flops - pregnancy swelling is no fun! I found these mocassins at Target, and snapped them up! Here's hoping I don't stretch them out so much I can't wear them this fall!

After work


And back home. Like I mentioned, we had tons of plans ... they all got shelved because I was super tired, and we ended up sitting on the couch all night. I wound a few balls of acrylic yarn, set about knitting for the rest of the night, and Zach watched a bunch of Futurama. Good times!

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