Aug 23, 2011

August Sponsor Spotlight

I'd love to give a big welcome to all my August sponsors - won't you do the same?!

Hi there, I'm Katie of Je suis une monstre, and I love making things!  Currently, I am a UK knitwear designer and produce all my pieces myself, by hand.  I love working with beautiful fibres and yarns, and coming up with delicious colour palettes.

I am dedicated to the highest quality of materials and craftswomanship in all my work.  Je suis une monstre is my space to write and ponder on Arts & Crafts, Handmade and DIY.  You can also read about my new ideas, designs, creations, and small triumphs in my 'impossible task' of setting up my own One-Woman Arts & Crafts Micro-business.  You are all very welcome to come and join in my adventures! xxx

Ashley Daoust is a freelance word worker who loves helping individuals and small businesses polish their words. She offers a wide range of editorial and audio transcription services, which you can learn about at her website. If you've got something that could use an extra eye - the book you're writing late at night, that 'Life on Mars' project proposal you're about to send to NASA, a super-awesome blog you're building, or the grant that will give your nonprofit the traction it needs - Ashley is your gal.

And for you knitting-minded designers out there, she's unveiling a new and exciting service - pattern tech editing! If you'd like to learn more about the pattern editing, or about any of her other services, you can contact her at

When she's not busy with all the word stuff, you can usually find her (secretly) reading the book on her husband's night stand, humoring the many whims of the border collie, pulling for the Tar Heels, and/or knitting something for her little family's next generation, which is set to begin right around Christmas!

My name is Casey Wiegand, I am a freelance artist, wife and mama. I love painting and sharing our life through my blog...where you can expect pieces of my perspective on life, faith, kids, marriage, with touches of art, creative inspiration, projects and things I love along the way. I have two little ones in the hopes of lots more and am married to the love of my life!

Hi All! My name is Jane Richmond and I design knitwear. My knitting patterns are meant to be fun to knit and wear. In knitting, the process is just as important as the end result.

My design aesthetic is simple and classic, I don’t believe that knitting needs to be complicated in order to be beautiful. Many of my patterns are excellent choices for new or beginner knitters because of their simplicity and readability.

I will be offering 15% off to Minimalist Knitter readers in my Etsy Shop and on Ravelry! The code for both is MKblog and is good until the end of August!

Elise runs a blog where she shares craft tutorials and stories about her life in San Diego, CA. She has an online shop that sells handmade books, prints & posters and teaches online workshops.

Hi there — my name is Maggie Whitley and I’m the owner/designer of Gussy Sews. I spend equal time working on my blog and my shop. On my blog you’ll find updates on my handmade shop, tips on how I left my day job 1 year ago to focus on my business, and different prompts/projects that help build a handmade community of inspiration & adventuring.
Interested in what fills the “shelves” of my shop? All sorts of sassy, girlie, colorful accessories: tote bags (3 different sizes), zipped pouches, eReader cases, headbands + more! — all sporting my signature ruffle.

I'm Megan Hunt and I am the owner and founder of Princess Lasertron and a bridal designer, blogger, and best friend. Since I started my business in 2005, we have grown to a three-person company and work with over 250 brides each year. We began with simple hairpieces and brooches and have expanded into dresses, bouquets, craft kits, and our brand has reached hundreds of thousands through magazines, television, and online media.
I live in Omaha which I LOVE, and it's my favorite city in the world! What I love most about my job is meeting and collaborating with passionate dreamers, speaking and teaching to other awesome creative people, and being able to take my 1-year-old daughter, Alice, to work every day.
On my website I talk a lot about my business and the custom work we create for our clients, but I also offer readers a peek into my personal life. My husband comes in for the occasional guest post, I share the trials and successes of being a new mom and figuring out how to blend my career with my family, and there are lots of fashion posts and DIY tutorials in between. I love writing and I love you for reading!

Hello, my name is Lucy (a.k.a. a black pepper) and I design, knit and wear my own handknits. My website "ablackpepper" is where most of my knit designs are featured and shared with the online audience.
The focus of my designs is mostly for myself  and my design philosophy is simple; only design and knit what I would wear (and do wear!). However, over the years, the designs have been known to strike a chord with many knitters, lovers of handknits and others with no knitting experience.
Cables and great textures are a constant passion and are always incorporated into the designs, but that doesn't mean designs are not simple to knit, because they are. Maybe a little challenging sometimes but who does not like a bit of a challenge in life?
And until the end of August, use the code "SAVE15" in the Etsy shop for a super sweet discount!

Thanks so much to all these lovely ladies for their sponsorship!

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  1. Ah looks fabuloso, hello all you lovely Minimalist Knitter readers. Thank you Robyn for putting us up here, and for writing such a great blog. xxx