Aug 19, 2011

Get Ready For Fall With Seasonal Knits!

I can’t help it … even in the midst of all this summer heat I’ve been dreaming of fall weather like mad! While you may not want to pick up your knitting needles as much during the hottest months of the year {and I know I didn’t, as evidenced by the lack of shared finished knits in July!} a girl can sure dream of the days when a knitted cap goes best with everything, you want to pull a scarf around your neck at night, and you can finally pull those jeans and hand-knit socks out of storage!

For me, the end of summer and the beginning of fall is always marked by kiddos going back to school (and all the glorious school supplies that go along with that!) – lucky for me, when I moved here to Omaha I realized this happens in mid-August. PERFECT! I can start dreaming of fall even earlier than before, and plot out and plan everything from fun fall adventures to my autumn knits beginning in July without looking too strange!

In honor of mid-August and my readiness to transition from summer to fall, I’ve compiled some of my favorite simple and quick knits – the types of things you can get on and off your needles in a week or less {and usually MUCH less}, knits you’ll actually want to wear in those fickle fall days, and items you can even start stashing away for holiday presents if you’re so inclined … and I most certainly am!


1. Boneyard Shawl - free Ravelry download
2. Capucine - free pattern
3. Chunky Alpaca Scarf - free Ravelry download
4. Circular Shrug - free Ravelry download


5. Elisa's Nest Tote - free pattern from Purl Bee
6. Everglade - Ravelry purchase
7. Jane hat - Ravelry purchase
8. Easy laptop/Kindle sleeve - free download


9. Mock Brioche - free pattern
10.Mustard Scarf - free Ravelry download
11. Oma House Slippers - etsy purchase


12. Two Needle Mittens - free pattern
13.Waffle Knit Dishcloth - free pattern
14. Walk In The Park hat and scarf - free patterns

What are some of the quick patterns you love to knit with for the fall? I'd love to add them to my Raverly queue!


  1. Beautiful projects! I'm going to check out the Oma House Slippers right now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am so looking forward to colder knitting months!

    There's an 'Angel scarf' (crochet) on Ravelry which I'm adding to my commuting projects queue. Lovely crochet lace pattern!

  3. martha - what's your ravelry handle? i'd love to check out your projects! i'm "adevinelife"