Aug 31, 2011

knit a squillion: week four

What a fun week it's been! We had Owen last Tuesday, and since then I've been busy getting to know our little man, healing from my c-section, and hanging out with friends and family as they come to love on the little man as often as possible!

All this to say, I only got one square knit this week - and just yesterday, no less! While I didn't hit my 2-3 squares a week, I've been knitting far more than that up to this point, so I've already reached my 10 squares for August!

How many squares did you all work on this week? I can't wait to see your squares, shared through the Linky Tools below!

{for those who are curious, I've been slowly writing up our birth story - it's super fun, full of twists and turns and versions and adorable little boys, and I'm hoping to share it with you all in September!}

{This is charity knit 278/10,000. I'm knitting 10,000 items for charity in my lifetime as part of my Ten Thousand Project.}

1 comment:

  1. Lookign forward to hear all about your birth experience. I do love the pictures you've shared of Owen so far, he's a gem!