Mascara Can Change The World!

Most of us here are knitters. Which means most of us here know Stephanie, the Yarn Harlot. We know for five years now she's gotten on a bike, riding from Toronto to Montreal to raise money for PWA (the Toronto People With Aids Foundation), and that every year the organization is blown away by the generosity of knitters.

Recently, Stephanie wrote about the organization having to cut some programs due to lack of funding. As the Bike Rally is their main funding source each year, this means that they're in need of more donations than ever before! And if you've been around here for any length of time, you know I love to give.

So here's what's happening, in Robyn land. I've got this growing makeup business, which still feels incredibly surreal and amazing. And I give 25% of my earnings each week to Charity Water, which makes me feel good, and helps bring clean water to folks in desperate need.

But I'm going to do more. From now until the end of June (that's right, six full weeks and then some), I'm going to give 100% of commissions from my Robyn's Lashes to Steph and her team**!! This means I for real will not make any money in the next six weeks from any sales on my website.


Not a penny.

If you've ever considered buying this mascara, or any of our other products, now is the time to do so. With summer quickly approaching, we've got some great products you'll love, and I'll be sharing about them on Robyn's Lashes And More, as well as sharing a bit here each week.

I'd also love for you to spread the word! If you'd love to help me reach as many people as possible, and thus donate as much as possible, I want to help you do so by providing images, links, and even a few rewards to say thanks!! E-mail me at for more information, connect with me on Facebook, or even just comment below!

**This 100% donation will come from my "personal parties" only, which run through my website address. Any parties I set up for hostesses will have 50% of their proceeds donated towards this fundraiser, so I can also keep donating money to Charity Water during these six weeks as well.


  1. you are such a giving soul...
    have an awesome weekend..


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