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Queen Of Hearts Hat Pattern

I may be a bit late for Valentine's Day this year with this pattern, but it's just too cute not to share anyhow! Perfect for those new to color work, you'll only work the contrasting color for a few rows, giving you just enough practice with two strands before you start to get so frustrated you just want to quit!

Free pattern after the jump!

Naomi Hat

I've been knitting with my Invisible Children hat pattern for years now, and recently I decided I wanted to make one with a super bulky yarn. So I re-worked the pattern just a bit to accommodate chunkier yarn and needles, and re-named it Naomi (to keep things from being too confusing).

For those who love the look of a garter stitch brim, this slouchy hat is for you! The thick yarn helps the hat work up super fast, and will definitely keep you warm as the wind blows!

Free pattern after the jump!

A Remnants Scarf

You know what I totally forgot about having short hair? I completely forgot just how cold my neck, and thus the rest of my body, gets when I don't have a thick curtain of hair keeping me warm! This is the first winter in like five years I haven't had hair that's at least shoulder length, and even though it's been extraordinarily warm most of the last few months, I've been extremely cold.And then, on Tuesday, it hit me why - no hair wrapping itself around my neck, keeping me warm!

What I needed was a scarf to keep me warm. Something simple that would use what I had on-hand, that I could whip up in a day or two at most. Otherwise I'd stall out, and would end up buying something from Target. Which defeats at least 75% of the purpose of being a knitter, doesn't it?!

To make this scarf, I grabbed several balls of leftover yarns - all of it ended up being Lion Brand Heartland yarn, which I absolutely love, although I didn't plan the scarf that way. I held a …