Oct 28, 2016

Saying Goodbye To 3030

 Today I drove away from 3030 for the last time as a resident. Last night we signed papers and officially purchased our new home - the best home, down the street from best friends, near the schools we wanted, and so much more.


3030 is the address I have lived at the longest. So much has happened here, I could write a book full of memories. Maybe I will. 

If there were a book, then, consider this the ultimate spoiler alert. Because everything happened at 3030 ...

This is where I had my first real and true and serious breakup. It was heart crushing, even though it was the right decision. 

This is where I lived when Grandpa T died. I collapsed onto the floor for far longer than I can remember, and had to haul myself up and get it together to go back to Chicago to say goodbye. 

This is where I lived when I met Zach. He kissed me for the first time at the top of the stairs, leaned against the banister. I knew the second our lips touched that he was my forever. 

We were in the living room when Zach proposed to me, with a ring inside a Mama's Pizza box. It was perfection, and I was totally me, mad that there was pizza sitting on the table but he wasn't getting plates! He dropped to one knee as I opened up the box to grab a slice of pizza, and everything was different. And perfect. We still have the top to that pizza box. 

We were huddled in the bathroom together two days before Christmas trying to read a pregnancy test - that's how we found out we were having Owen. 

3030 is also where I got fertility shots for both kids, slung over the bed sobbing at the pain and the hormones and the injustice of it all while Zach had to give me injections. It still feels unreal that it ever was difficult, looking at our two monsters. 

My water broke with Owen on the floor of our family room. I said, "did my water just break?" And I gushed a river of amniotic fluid while Zach spun in circles like a husband in a rom com. 

This is the house we brought both Owen and Lou home to. The house where they took their first steps, threw their first tantrums. 

This is the house where I struggled through morning sickness and afternoon sickness and evening sickness and middle of the night sickness while I wrote my first book.

This is the house where everything started. But it is just a house. Some walls, some paint, a lot of renovations. It is the four of us (plus some cats ...) who have made it a home.

And so now we go to Jefferson Circle. To a new house we will make our home, make new memories in. 

I cried rivers of tears as I drove away this morning, saying goodbye to this amazing house. I will miss her - she was amazing. But I am excited for our next home. 


  1. You made me weep. Here's to loads of Happy "firsts" in your new home.

  2. what a flood of emotions living in 3030...
    hope you will be very happy in your new home...
    take care,

  3. It is so hard to say goodbye to such a cherished space. But you've left lots of good karma for the next residents, they will feel all your love and heart in the walls and the air. May you have endless firsts and joy in your new home! I can't wait to see pictures!