Love People, Use Things. The Opposite Never Works.

It's been a long time since I've written anything for me. First year teacher-dom has meant lots of writing - student comments, curriculum building, note-taking for next year and the like. But no writing for me.

Spare moments are spent figuring out this new home of ours - where things belong, what can be let go, how to best live and love here.

Not much hat making, not much writing. A bit of book reading, but ....

In general, I think, life has felt rushed, and too busy, and too over-ful these last six months. I am ready for summer. For some slow planning for next year, for lots of time at the pool with my two water babies, days spent on the back deck while the kiddos run around all day. More time for books. More time for hats.

More time for less.

I find I have accumulated a lot this year. Part of it is figuring out what we need in this new space. Part of it is being a new teacher, and all that comes with that. Mostly, though, it's my knee-jerk reaction to change and stress and the unknown being to BUY BUY BUY. I shop to de-stress, which is counter-intuitive, but what I have always done.

So this summer will be my summer of less. Less lists, less to do, less owned at the end of it all.