Jun 11, 2017

Celebrating The Austins

Every few years, someone I love gets married. And because I am ordained (online) to perform ceremonies, every few years I get the honor of bearing legal witness to the marriages of the people I love.

So when Jon met Kyle, and they started to get serious, and all of us friends started talking about "would they or wouldn't they," I started hoping. And when Kyle got down on one knee and asked Jon to marry him, I started putting bugs in the ears of their wedding party.

And when Wendy asked me to meet her for coffee, and these two were there with a sign that said, "Will you marry us?" I cried, said yes, and got down to business.

Friday was wonderful. It was everything a wedding should be ... two people who love each other, nervous and excited that they are making a legal and public commitment to each other, to share forever with one another.

I didn't cry during the ceremony, which was truly a miracle. Every time I practiced it, I sobbed. As they walked down the aisle hand in hand, I had to dig my nails into my skin to keep the tears at bay. When they got to me, and I looked at them and whispered, "Breathe!" it was for me as much as for them.

I cried as they kissed. I cried as I got to announce for the first time Mr. and Mr. Austin. I cried when they had their first dance. I cried over and over. But not while I married them. Not while they said their vows.

It was an honor. I love love, and I will always marry those I love. Always.

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  1. that is sooo neat that you can marry people..lovely couple..