Jun 1, 2017

GLBT Book Month

I'm super excited to participate in GLBT Book month for the second year in a row! Admittedly, last year I didn't do much participating. I had great intentions, but in the end only shared one book list.

This year, however, I've done some planning - even if it was just a few hours of planning, less than a day before June - and I feel like I'll be able to do much more to celebrate!

First up, I'll share a list of the books I've been reading these past 12 months with GLBT characters.

Second, I'll share some of the lists Bustle, the ALA, and the National Book Org are putting out.

Finally, I want to talk a bit about being GLBT inclusive in my classroom, especially working in public schools where that sort of thing is actually mandated a bit by the district and state.

For now, however, Happy Pride!!!

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