Nov 12, 2017

leaving etsy, updating ravelry, and some time for writing

It's been a long four months (at least) without posting here. Ever since starting my teaching gig, in fact, I haven't spent much time here. But I miss it. And I want to set aside space in my days for writing. No pressure, no focus, not even always about knitting. No goals, no plans. Just me space.

I closed my Etsy shop today. It was time.

I'm going to begin the long and painful (sometimes!) process of updating all of my Ravelry patterns. Re-knitting everything in a select color palette. New photos. A template (thanks to my lovely friend at DeBrosse) to bring everything together. Should be fun.

There's so much I want to document. Surprise family visits. Paring back. Getting back to giving away hats. Figuring out how to live my best life. Sinking into teaching. Today, this felt like a good start. Close one thing, commit to completing and paring back another.


  1. Found your site a couple of months ago. You have encouraged me to "minimalize" my yarn stash, which in turn has made me love knitting even more! I've made a couple of Hats for The Homeless, an organization in the Twin Cities, MN. Though I don't see myself knitting 10000 hats anytime soon, I want to thank you for telling your story! I look forward to reading your posts

  2. Awk! I literally just learned about you and your shop and it's now closed. Drat! Do you have any spare larger adult hats you'd be interested in parting with? I'd like one for myself and a few to give away.

    Love that you are teaching too! It's one of the best jobs around!


    1. Rick, if you see this, shoot me an email at

  3. i hope you keep up with your blog here..its been so long..are you still donating hats?