Jan 21, 2018

Thoughts In The New Year

It's been over two months since I've written much of anything that isn't curriculum for my 7th graders. And I know that blogging has lost some of its shine, and most people are moving away from the medium to a more instant sort of communication, but I miss this space. I miss sharing words, I miss babbling on about knitting, and I miss that it got some of the thoughts out of my head and into a new space where I didn't have to worry about them so much anymore.

Since I began this blog, life has gotten dramatically fuller and more complicated. A husband, two children (one with some special needs), a familial bout with cancer, a move, a new career, and so much more! Where I used to write my way through things, I have found in the past three years or so I've simply put my head down and performed the most basic of tasks to get through my days. And it's been wonderful.

There have been so many joys I haven't shared publicly, and so many wonderful additions to my life. And I don't regret not sharing those. I am making fewer resolutions, setting fewer goals, and finding more time to snuggle and be present in the moment.

All of this, however, does not negate that I miss my fingers tapping across the keyboard. Because I do. Desperately. While I enjoy typing away for school-related reasons, I miss typing away for personal ones as well.

Does all of this mean I will blog more regularly? Who knows. But I did want to stop by, say hello, and acknowledge this space and its existence in my universe.

And to share that I have, in fact, been making things. Hats, more hats, and then some squares to be turned into blankets. The usual. I've got some other projects queued on Ravelry, but we shall see if they ever materialize. I always have grand plans to make shawls and sweaters, but it seems I am a hat maker through and through!


  1. i am always sooooo happy to see a post from you...Glad you are still out there knitting/crocheting..i'm currently knitting a preemie blankie and hats also ...its cold out there and the homeless still need help..so much need..
    i hope you blog as much as you can, its good to hear from you..

  2. thank you for your post. I too have my turn at cancer. found out July 22nd - a nasty tumor in my upper left lung. for years I told my primary dr that something burned there, felt off, pinchy. He would continue to tell me I was fine. then Lyme disease. Hashimoto's thyroid and celiac gut appeared. And then a perricardial effusion. And the tumor lead to Stage four lung cancer which is now in other parts of my body. So every day since July has been a gift. I'm wearing a lot of hand made hats these days. I still have my hair, but it's terribly changed. And I LOVE HATS!
    So thank you again for your little update. Blessings to you in this new year! Kim

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