Feb 16, 2018


To be clear, I know one of the teachers who survived the most recent school shooting. We chat teacher things via Instagram messages frequently. So as some of you begin rallying around the "don't take our guns" rhetoric in the next few days, remember this.

I teach.

I show up to work everyday, not sure if it will be my last day.

I practice "active shooter" drills with my students several times a year.

I keep my cabinets in my classroom largely empty - not because I don't want to fill them with tons of amazing books and materials my students can use to learn amazing things, but because I want to have places to hide twelve-year-olds.

I don't think about these things everyday. But I do think about them.

Do you deserve the right to own guns when I have to discuss how I will stuff my students into cabinets if someone comes into our school with a gun?

Do you deserve the right to own guns when I spend time EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. comforting students who are scared this will be their last school day due to an active shooting?

Are your wants worth more than the basic human rights and NEEDS of millions of children?

Tuesday is our next day back at school.

On Tuesday, we will be reading poetry.

On Tuesday, I will remind my students I love them enough to put their safety before mine.

On Tuesday I will check to be sure I have enough room in my cabinets for 26 almost-teenage bodies.

Think of me on Tuesday, gun owners.


  1. i always thought people love guns more than they hate violence..

  2. Well written. Thank you for speaking out. I am very sad that children are so scared.

  3. OMG, someone needs to make this go viral. I don't live in America, this went straight to my heart in a overwhelmingly profound way. Send it to that poor excuse for a president whose campaign was funded by gun lovers.
    I am so sorry for all the needless pain innocent people have suffered when simply seeking an education.

  4. Imagine a world where people were allowed to defend themselves. We use to teach marksmanship and firearms safety in schools and nobody would bat an eye to find that teachers or principals were armed. And yet with all those guns there weren't school shootings. The problem isn't not enough guns or too many guns. The problem is weak minded individuals. Individuals who think they don't have to take responsibility for their own safety. Individuals who will prey on the weak, who are forced into "gun free zones" where theu are unable to defend themselves. What you don't hear about are the school shootings that weren't, the ones stopped before they happened, all because someone was armed, someone fought back even though they weren't even supposed to be able to.
    If you cared about student's safety you would be pushing for the ability of teachers and administrators to carry on school property. Note that I said ability, not requirement .
    When people stand up and say "Not here, not to my students!" With their actions not their words, then you will stop having school shootings.
    School shootings are a result of making every school into a soft target. Hard Targets do not get attacked as often because it is much easier to go to a gun free zone where there is minimal resistance, rather to go to a place where people are allowed to defend themselves.
    Perhaps if you thought about this issue with logic instead of emotion you would understand if you take guns away, there will be mass stabbings, take away knives you have vehicles driving down sidewalks. . . People will always find away to kill each other, a gun just means that the weaker person doesn't have to be helpless.

  5. Awesome post.Thanks for sharing.This is so nice.