Sep 29, 2009

boy hat (#9) - finished!

Knit smaller than the pattern, the Boy Hat was super fast to get both onto and off the needles. the crown shaping was different than i'm used to, bringing the ribbing together in a fun way and leaving a mini-star on the top of the hat (seen in the photo).

i used yarn that had been donted by Knitting School Dropout, but i think i picked yarn that was a bit too thin for the hat - it came out a bit flopsy and may not be suitable for the coldest of winter days.

the pattern is great for boys big and small, however, and i can see msyelf using it again, with thicker yarn this time, to keep more and more heads warm! i've got yarn wound up for hat #10, ready to go and ready for the contest, so look for that tomorrow most likely.

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