Sep 10, 2009

Cubba, In Process (#5)

You may notice that Cubba looks a bit different than it did last time you met it. the yarn, possibly? And yes, you are right. It is very different.

See, I might have picked out the yarn before reading the pattern closely (what? you know you’ve done it!) and, as it turns out, the pattern calls for DK weight yarn instead of worsted! So it was to the glorious stash I went! I decided on some Rowan Pure Life that was sent over by Knitting School Dropout in a gorgeous marigold-ish color and set to work.

First off? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn. It’s so smooth and wonderful it makes me giggle just to touch it. I’ve only ever used woolens I can buy at local big box stores (due mostly to my desire for new yarn when a group of us are out picking up scrapbook supplies), and so my knowledge of various yarn companies is pretty limited. So to be able to start testing out some other yarn types is pure bliss for me.

As for the pattern? I’m in love with it as well! I’m making the smallest size of this hat, meant for a small babe, and so it’s working up super fast. The ear-flaps called for in the pattern I’ve knit separately and will be attaching later, as is my way (can’t explain it, it’s just how I roll), which is not how the pattern has the hat being made, but I’m at peace with that.

By the end of the day I should have the whole thing done and be weaving in the ends, which is good because I want to try to power through another hat tomorrow. Yes, a one-day hat.

Because we have the last of our out-of-town visitors coming tomorrow night, and the weekend will be full of photo shoots for new patterns (to be released in late September/early October on A Devine Life), downtown meet-ups with friends, Husker football games, and potentially some karaoke. Which means, of course, that unless I get pictures posted by around 7pm tomorrow, it’ll be another long weekend of radio silence from me. But then it’s back to more regular knitting – I’ve got hats queued for DAYS in Ravelry (user name “adevinelife”) and tons of yarn coming in for new hats, so updates should pick up considerably. And … back to Cubba!

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