Sep 16, 2009

Knitters in need!

before you read any further, go check out Cambodia Knits. It’s a blog run by Monika, who contacted me via Ravelry about some charity yarn. Unfortunately I didn’t have what she needed, but I’m turning to you, the larger knitting community, to ask for help.
Here, in her words, is her story:

I’m looking for bulky and super bulky yarn (again, I’m not sure if that what your friend has). My organization does not do charity knitting, but we are a social enterprise that helps women in marginalized communities gain access to flexible and fair employment that they don’t need to (because they often can’t) leave home for. This is in Cambodia where the access to yarn is all but nada. I’ve found some DK weight yarn in the market which is ok and we’ve made some finger puppets for sale. We’d like to get our hands on bulky weight so the women can make larger toys for sale. I bought some recently in Bangkok, but it was way too pricey since it was all imported from Europe and not many Thais are into bulky knitting…

So I don’t know if we meet the qualifications of a charity knitting org, but at this stage we’re a non-profit, where the income the women generate is just enough to keep us going, buy more yarn, train more knitters and expand the program.

I have a friend who is coming from the US in a few weeks so she would be able to bring some yarn for us if it’s available to us.

Have a look at the blog: to have a look at what we’re doing. It’s still the early days but we’re getting there.

I’d love to help her out, and am weeding through my stash in the hopes of finding any bulky weight yarn – if there are any knitters out there who have any they’d like to donate to her organization as well, contact me at rmcdevineATgmailDOTcom and I will facilitate getting the yarn to Monkia’s friend.

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