Sep 28, 2009

quick note

no, this isn't a hat - it's a baby sweater for a friend. i've got a hat off the needles, and will have FO pictures later tonight, but thought i'd post a quick note here about Warm Woolies.

their greatest need is items for kids ages 10+. i always forget that, and keep trying to make smaller hats for the littler set, which i then struggle to photograph because i am neither a small child nor do i have a small child.

but if i can remember to knit hats that are a bit bigger, that will fit on my head just fine, then i shouldn't be without a model for the rest of the project!

also good to note for those of you who are whipping up Stella hats for the first OHH Challenge.

speaking of the first OHH Challenge, i've got two yarn sellers on board with prizes, and i'll share photos as soon as i get the yarn in my hot little hands, so if you're still considering jumping on board with the challenge, now's the time to do it!

one final note - there's now a One Hundred Hats Ravelry group!

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