Sep 11, 2009

stella - finished (#6)

didn't get pictures of Stella taken until after work, so they're a bit dark. couple that with the dark color of the yarn, and the pictures aren't all that good. however, the hat? it's wonderful!!

the pattern is super fun to knit, easy to memorize and works up super fast. i'm still hung up on the cuteness of using yarn from the hat pattern designer as possibly the cutest thing ever, too.

i'll most likely end up adding some of this Cascade yarn to my stash for future projects after i bust through more of the yarn i've already got, i loved it so much. for those of you wanting to knit hats along with me, this would be a perfect pattern to start with. simple knits and purls, easily repeatable, this hat would look great with variegated or solid yarns and works up pretty fast!

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