Sep 24, 2009

thorpe (#8) finished!

i got the last bits of Thorpe off the needles last night while watching catch-up episodes of Dexter with a friend, just in time for the photo shoot i'm doing today for the local paper! they're writing an article about the project, and i'll have more details once it goes live. i wanted to have this hat done in time for it, though, so i could have a new hat on the needles and be able to show off almost ten hats done in less than a month of knitting!

Thorpe was a wonderful knit. i used the smallest size, so it's just a bit too tight to fit on my head, which means a child just reaching double-digits should be able to wear it everywhere. the hat worked up fast, and it was fun to work from the top down.

i will freely admit it took several tries to get it cast on properly, as you're working with just four stitches on DPN's to begin with, but once i got the hang of that, the hat worked up like a dream! and with the crochet edging around the bottom, there were only negligible ends to weave in - you can just crochet them into the border as you go! all in all,

i can see many hats like this in my future. but for now, it's a photo shoot, and then hat #10! {with a little giveaway to go along with it!}

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