Oct 13, 2009

finished - butterfly hat (#11)

Well, I said I'd be posting a lot of completed hats this week, and then the first thing I do is take a day off! It's been cold and drizzly, with a bit of snow and no sunlight at all the past week, which makes it hard to photograph knitted objects, but today at lunch I got a bit of sunlight, so I snapped this shot up!

Once I got the hang of doing the slipped stitches purl-wise (the instructions don't say either way, so i was slipping them knit-wise), the Butterfly Hat went exceedingly well. I'd already done one hat (for a co-worker's daughter) slipping the stitches the wrong way, so by the time I figured it out, I was ready for something to be easy. If you start out the right way, this hat goes fast and furious and turns out beautiful.

I used the Vampire Blood colorway from Tri'Coterie, which has a soft variegated look to it, and off-set the butterflies gorgeously. If you're looking for some new yarn, head to her shop and pick up some - it works up like a dream, I promise! I can't wait to use more of her yarn on future hats! In all, I'm sad to see this hat done, because it's been such a joy to knit. It's a perfect holiday present hat, as well, in case you're needing some holiday inspiration!

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