Oct 5, 2009

holy yarn stash batman!

i've got Elsie's Holiday Hat done and off the needles, but won't be debuting the pattern until later this week. i'm working up a second hat with the pattern to double check my notes and test it out in a longer version - that way you'll have tons of options with the pattern!

because i'm not showcasing that this morning, i wanted to share with you some of what i've been doing this weekend. i sucked it up and put myself on a serious yarn diet last week - i have entirely too much yarn! part of going on the yarn diet meant photographing all the yarn i currently have in my stash (yarn i've purchased and yarn that's been given to me) and tagging it on Ravelry so i could find out just how much yarn i actually have.

y'all? this is just the wool for hats -

that's two file cabinet drawers (we use them to hold up our desk-top in the office, which is just a piece of formica kitchen counter-top) FULL of wool and wool-blends. and i know for a fact there's a box on it's way!

but that's the smaller stash. because after i got all the yarn photographed and the wool put away separately, i put all the cotton and acrylic into the closet in the spare room.

people, that's literally 44,000 yards of yarn. it's like a freakin' yarn shop! all the yarn in bins is yarn i've purchased in the last few years, and the skeins stacked on the top shelves is yarn that a friend of a friend found in their grandmother's attic and donated to me. much of this yarn will go to various hospital knitting projects, but i think i can knit for like FIVE YEARS and not have to buy any new yarn!

anyone have a stash problem as bad as me?!?!

{look for some photos of newly donated yarn from France and our first OHH Challenge prize sneak peek coming soon!}

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