Nov 12, 2009

Baby Beanie (#18)

Meet the Baby Beanie. I made several mods to this hat, and it turned out to be one that I loved knitting, and have added to my permanent knit file!  

Pattern: Baby Beanie by Ulli S. Shibuya. {this is a Ravelry-only download pattern.}  
Yarn: Cascade 220 in dark blue. I used approximately half a skein of yarn on this hat. This yarn was donated by Knitting School Dropout.  
Needles: for this hat, I used size 7 needles, both 16" circulars and DPNs.  


This hat was originally intended to be knit with fingering weight yarn, on size 4 needles. It's meant to be a hat that fits a baby {hence the name!}, but as Warm Woolies needs hats made out of thicker yarn than fingering weight, so I sized the hat up by using worsted weight yarn and larger needles.

Cascade 220 knits up much thinner than I thought it would, and I probably could have knit this hat up with size 6 needles and made it to fit a smaller child's head. But I didn't know that before I started knitting with it, and so it's a bit thinner of a hat. Still thick enough to donate, but thinner than I'd thought it would turn out.

I loved knitting the pattern on this hat - a simple switch from knit to purl depending on the row, but it added a ton of fun and made the hat super enjoyable to knit. I've already got a few other kiddos on my list that would love to have a hat like this!

{Also, sorry for the crappy pictures. With the time change, it's dark by the time I get home from work, and so I'm trying to do self-portraits inside the house, without flash to wash out the knit stitches, and yet still keep them non-fuzzy. As you can tell, fuzzy still creeps in. Hopefully I can figure out a better photography system soon!}

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