Nov 23, 2009

L.A. Winters (#20)

Hat #20 is another milestone - I've officially completed 20% of the project. And to celebrate, I created another hat pattern! I've still got a few pattern details to work out before I share it, but I wanted to give you all a peek and talk about some of the finer features.

The L.A. Winters hat is inspired by a shot I saw of David Beckham on a gossip website. He was rocking the greatest beanie in the midst of Los Angeles fall/winter - where, to my understanding, people pull out winter coats when it's 60 degrees - and I loved the detail.

With seemingly random ribs running the length of the hat, I discovered some pattern to it, and started to knit almost immediately. The hat I'm wearing in the photo is the smallest version, and meant to be baggy on a child.

I love that the L.A. Winters hat can be made to fit closer to the head or super big and baggie, depending on your mood.

I'll release the pattern along with the big 25th Hat Celebration Blog Party I'm having the week of December 7th, so you've got a few weeks to wait before you can make one of your very own, but I figure with American Thanksgiving hitting this week, you'll have plenty to keep you occupied!

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