Nov 5, 2009

Ribbed Beanie (#16)

I've been rocking the ribs lately - I don't know if I've got a hankering for something with an easy repeat or if I'm just feeling the ribs for their classic {and good for either sex} good looks. Either way, this light pink Ribbed Beanie helped fill my craving quite nicely. Made with Beaverslide Dry Goods McTaggart Tweed - quite a mouthful - this hat was equal parts pleasure and pain.

The pattern is wonderful, the yarn perfect and chunky, but somehow the combination did not please me. You may be able to notice the way the ribbing has a strange twist - right where the last knit meets up with the first purl on every row. I've been knitting long enough that this isn't normally a huge issue for me anymore, but on this hat it's all I can see. Might be why it took me almost ten tries to get a shot of the hat that I would like! Maybe I should have used a less-bulky yarn? Maybe I should have sized up one more needle, or sized down one? I'm not exactly sure, but if I make the hat again, I'll definitely make some adjustments.

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