Dec 25, 2009

A Few Christmas Stories

Oh, the weather outside is ....

Well, it's awful, to be honest. Several feet of snow, thanks to two blizzards back-to-back, and Zach and I are officially snowed into our home. Which is a wonderful way to spend our first married Christmas, if you ask me! But I wanted to pop in and share a few Christmas stories - I'll have several hats to share next week, but these were too good not to share!

 019 - copy

This is my nephew. He's four, and full of all sorts of four-year-old gumption. He saw me knitting a hat for one of my brothers a few weeks ago, and after figuring out it wasn't for him eyed it with lots of jealousy. He's figured out that hand-knits are super fly, apparently, and really wanted a hat of his own.

So on Christmas Eve, he tore into a box containing this hat and shrieked "MY VERY OWN HAT!!!" at the top of his lungs, while trying to frantically put it on his head. I couldn't even get a good picture of it, because he ran off with it on before I could stop him. This was him turning to me briefly and grinning before heading off to enjoy his toys.

 016 - Copy

And this is my father-in-law. He too has decided hand-knit hats are where it's at, and spent several weeks dropping none-too-subtle hints - things like "man, it sure would be nice to have a hand-knit hat in all this winter weather. Too bad I don't know anyone who knits!" were said repeatedly. I took the hint, and gave him this simple black number.

He wore it proudly, showing it off around the room, and finally had to take it off because it was so warm it made him sweat!

** **

The final Christmas story I don't have photos for. One of my husband's cousins sat down next to me and asked "so, what hat number are you on?", and I honestly almost asked her how she knew about the project! I forget that I was in the paper, that my family is proud of me and so follows what I'm doing, and that this is something I WANT people to know about - I've just been caught up in knitting away. So it was a wonderful Christmas surprise to know that family all over the area are checking in here to see which hat I'm on and to keep up with the project.

Merry Christmas!

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