Dec 9, 2009

Black Diamonds - #25

Oh my goodness! We're in the middle of the 25th Hat Celebration, and I still haven't introduced you to the 25th Hat!

Meet Black Diamonds. This is a pattern I wrote myself, and am now making a few more of to give as holiday presents. My first foray into stranded colorwork coupled with my first time trying to create a chart, I love the result - a simple hat that can be made using a multitude of colors for a multitude of looks.

I made this one simple - traditional black diamonds for the skier amongst us, and a grey background so it'll match anything and everything. It's a bit snug on my head, which means it'll fit a child perfectly. The next hats I make using this pattern will be a bit longer, and I'll knit the colorwork a bit looser.

 I'm pleased enough with the pattern that I'll be writing the pattern up for sale coming in early January. For now I'll be working up a few more as gifts and enjoying the fact that I'm a colorwork knitter!

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