Dec 28, 2009

Such A Square (hat #27)

Now that knitting for Christmas is done and finished, I can get caught back up with both finishing hats and getting them posted! I may have gotten a bit behind on my schedule, but that just means more hats in rapid succession will be posted to the blog!  

Pattern: Turn A Square by Jared Flood (free Ravelry download)  
Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in both brown and natural  
Needles: US size 6 (4.0 mm), both 16" circulars and DPNs  


I knit this hat with a few modifications. First, to make sure the stitches were tight, I used one needle size smaller than recommended. I knit the stripes in a 5 rows/2 rows pattern rather than the 3/2 pattern called for, and I knit for 6" before beginning decreases instead of 5", to ensure it would cover the ears of whomever receives it. It's a great pattern, and one I immediately used to make a hat for my FIL (see this post), so you know I super loved it! Plus, it literally took me a day and a half to knit from start to finish - perfect for last-minute presents and challenges! {by the way - do you see that snow pile behind my husband? that's how deep the snow drifts and shovel piles are after this latest blizzard.}

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