Jan 15, 2010

Amanda (hat #33)

The weather has finally broken just a bit, and has reached 40F the past few days! This means the snow is starting to melt into a big giant mess of slush and puddles. Which is better than big piles of snow, for sure, but is still a big mess. We're taking bets as to how long the snow will stick around before it finally melts - my money is on it sticking around until my birthday! The Amanda Hat is just the thing to keep my head a bit warm while home for lunch!  

Pattern: Amanda Hat by Gina House{ravelry link}  
Needles: US size 9 (5.5 mm) circs and DPNs  
Yarn: Malabrigo yarn worsted in lavendar, donated by Tri'Coterie


I made this hat with no modifications. It's a bit big on me, but that's due more to my small head than anything else! Boring notes for sure, but why mess with something that works?!  

{Side note: That's Poppleton, the youngest of our kitty brood. She's not as tourtured as she looks - she loves kisses and snuggling, but she HATES to have her picture taken, hence the tourtured teenager look.}

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