Jan 8, 2010

Buttoned Up (hat #30)

The snow just won't stop, no matter what we do! It means I'm stuck at work over lunch, rather than coming home like I normally do to knit a bit, take hat pictures, and blog. So you may see more pictures like this one - full of shadows and taken inside because the sun is already down and we're trying to grab a shot without flash, pretending our lamps are sunlight!  

Pattern: Button-Tab Hat by Marcie Nishioka (free pattern!)  
Yarn: burgundy stash yarn I've had for years and years.  
Needles: my favorite bamboo size 7 circs and DPNs  


Other than the fact that I didn't knit down the edge of the brim yet (just noticed it as I was uploading this shot), I knit this hat exactly according to the pattern. It was a super fun knit, and I'd have had a picture of it three days sooner if it weren't for getting the button sewn on, and getting the photos taken! A hat I'd knit again in a heartbeat for any one of my friends! Next week I hope to have three hats instead of two, and a few feet less SNOW!

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