Jan 27, 2010

Scrap Happy (#38)

Holy cold weather! After a few days of semi-warmth (and by that, I mean I can go outside in a jacket and gloves without a hat and scarf), Mother Nature has freaked out on me once again and decided it needs to be restaurant-freezer cold. Because of this, I'm huddled on the couch underneath blankets and kitties, hoping that summer will get here soon!

To try to combat the freezing cold, I whipped up this little Scrap Happy hat. I love knitting hats that use up some of the scraps that have accumulated over the course of knitting almost 40 hats, and have them look super great at the same time.

Knit up using my fabulous bamboo size 7 needles, this hat whipped up in an afternoon! My one issue? I should have added one more section of color before I started the decreases. The hat is just a bit short for keeping the ears warm, and that could have been easily fixed if I'd just checked the length before I started the decreases. The hat is still totally wearable, it just won't cover the very bottom edge of the ears - totally fine, but something to look out for. My new motto (since I tend to say this more often than I'd care to admit)?

WHEN IN DOUBT, MAKE IT AN INCH LONGER! A hat can always be folded up to make it shorter, so it's not a big deal to add an inch before the decreases!

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