Feb 5, 2010

Crafty Goodness

Welcome to this week's Crafty Goodness - my weekly round-up of all the fun crafty bits I find from around the internet.

** Sashiko pillow gorgeousness, courtesy of Grumperina!

** Looking for advice on how to add some flair to your work wardrobe? Search no further than Gala Darling.

** Remove acrylic paint from your clothing with this great tutorial.

** Adorable DIY valentines.

** Shaklee h2 review.

** - Gorgeous pattern for a crochet blanket - if you can get past some of the fabulous 70's stuff!

** Ribbon bound blank books!

**  sock knitting class online with Afghans for Afghans

**  gorgeous rubber doily!

** Vintage valentine’s day card love.

** Arctic blast mitts

** Free downloadable February calendar.

** Hot pepper wrist warmers.

**  Crochet chain garland!

** Say I love you with post-its.

**  I'm in love with these adorable baby shower invitations!

** Win a tutu for valentine’s day!

** Five great knitted valentine’s day gifts from Vickie Howell.

**  Never underestimate the power of an inspiration board.

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