Feb 4, 2010

Dapperly Dashing (#41)

It seemed so warm and sunny this morning, and I was super excited to take photos of the Dapperly Dashing hat (#41), and then it started to snow. Big, giant flakes of snow that weren't supposed to accumulte but have managed to leave a 1/2" of slush and yuck everywhere, defying the weather people's predictions. So I was understandably non-excited to be outside taking this picture.

Dapperly Dashing is a pattern that includes a matching scarf, and if I had some thicker yarn and a bit more time on my hands, I'd have knit both up, As it is, I knit this hat using a 1/2 skein of Patons wool I had leftover from making the Rain Down hat (#35), knitting away on the pattern until I all but ran out of yarn.

 It turns out that, while the pattern calls for worsted weight yarn and a size 8 needle, I would have been better to use a bit thicker worsted yarn than Patons, or sized up to 9's. The hat is just a bit snug on my head, thanks to all the p2tog that happen over the course of the thing. It's not so tight that it won't stretch out, or can't be worn by someone with a slightly smaller head than I, but as the pattern is meant for an adult male, I'm guessing my gauge was a bit off.

But how often do I worry about gauge? NEVER.

Specs: Dapperly Dashing pattern by Stormy Tetreault, available as a free Ravelry download; size 8 bamboo 16" circs used, along with 1/2 skein of Patons wool in olive.

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