Feb 8, 2010

Hat Knitting Club

I spend a good amount of time on Ravelry each day, looking at hat patterns, choosing hat patterns to go with the yarn I have, and deciding just which hat patterns I want to knit for the One Hundred Hats project. A week or so ago, I counted all the hat patterns I had marked in my Ravelry account as "maybe to knit", and it totaled more than 300.

Three Hundred.

I am trying to knit one hundred hats for charity, and am almost halfway through, so why did I need THREE HUNDRED hat patterns queued up? It seemed pretty ridiculous, so I cleared them all out in one fell swoop, and decided to create my very own Hat Club!

{I totally ripped this idea off from the Yarn Harlot, lest anyone think I'm this brilliant on my own.}

Much like a sock club you can sign up for, I will be able to reach into the drawer and pull out a mystery hat/yarn combo and knit my way quickly through the remaining 50 hats towards my goal!
I spent a good amount of time on Saturday looking up hat patterns that went with the yarns I had on hand, thanks in large part to very generous donations. As I found a pattern that went with the yarn in my hand, I wrote it down on a piece of paper (including needle size and any extras I may need) and stashed it in a Ziploc bag, and then moved on to the next skein of yarn.

When I'd made it through all the yarn in my "wool drawer", this is what I had left {photo above}. Enough yarn pared up with hat patterns to last me until around hat #80. I did a little dance, happy that for the next thirty hats or so, all I'll have to do is grab a bag out of the drawer, grab the needles listed, and start knitting! What a great way to get almost completely done with the project, I said to myself!

On Sunday, I discovered this:
 Yarn for OHH

I KNEW I was missing some of the donated yarn somewhere!

So now i've got a few more skeins of yarn to sort through and pair up with patterns, and I'm betting by the time I've got that done, I'll have more than enough yarn for the remaining hats I'll need to knit by the end of August.

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