Feb 9, 2010

Mary Jane (#42)

I love love loved the movie Elizabethtown. So when I found a pattern that claimed to mimic the beret Kirsten Dunst wore in the final scenes of the movie, I knew I'd want to make it. Of course I had no red wool left, so I grabbed some gorgeous blue Knit Picks yarn an aunt had donated to the project and set about knitting.

This is the only photo you'll see of the hat because, while I knit until around 9", which is only one inch shy of the 10" the pattern calls for before decreases, the hat is far too small for the slouch it needs, which means it sits on my head with a VERY strange shape!

The pattern itself is wonderful, and I'd love to rock this one out again with a LOT more yarn so I could see if the hat would look better, given enough yarn, but because I'm in the throes of this project, that will have to sit on the back burner for some time.

** Although - would this hat be a good test for blocking? I'm not a fan of blocking - mostly because it takes so much time - but with a lacy and open pattern like this, would the blocking open it up more and make the hat lay better? Thoughts?

 Specs: Mary Jane hat pattern by Theresa Belville, knit with Knit Picks wool on size 7 and 9 needles.

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