Feb 3, 2010

Ravelympics 2010

The Winter Olympics are set to start on February 12th, and with the opening ceremonies begins a tradition carried out on Ravelry for the past several years – the Ravelympics! Created as a fun way to combine knitting with sport, the Ravelympics hosts events (like WIP Wrestling, Sock Hockey and Hat Halfpipe), thousands of Ravelry knitters and crocheters are signing up for teams and gearing up for the festivities.

Because I’m participating this year – in the Hat Halfpipe of course – I thought I’d give a quick profile here, as my participation will affect this blog in a few small ways. But first, a few starter questions:

How Do I Sign Up? To sign up for the Ravelympics, you have to first be a member of Ravelry. Then, simply join the Ravelympics 2010 group and find a team that suits you. Teams for different cities and states abound, as well as national teams (Team UK tends to rock) and teams based around podcasts and yarn types.

How Many Teams Can I Be Part Of? You can be part of as many teams as you want! I’m only part of one team this year, but people have been on as many teams as five or even ten. You can only use each item you knit/crochet for one team, however.

What Can I Make? You can do pretty much whatever you want, actually! There are events for spinning, for finishing up old WIPs, for sheer volume of items made, for intarsia, etc. If you can dream it up, there’s an event for you!


With the basic questions done, now on to how this will affect the blog. As you can imagine, I’m going to be knitting hats for the Ravelympics. I’ve got some gorgeous brown wool that was donated to One Hundred Hats some months ago, and I’ve decided to power through all of it in a two week span.

These seven skeins will hopefully become seven Brangelina hats (thanks to Crazy Aunt Purl for her free hat pattern!) by the time February – and the Olympics – are over. This means several things, of course, for the One Hundred Hats project overall, and because of this, I’ve made three rules:

1. The hats knit for the Ravelympics will count only as one hat. Because I am using the same pattern over and over again (mostly for ease of knitting during the Ravelympics, as well as for planning the thing), and because my goal is to knit One Hundred Hats from one hundred different patterns, this only seems fair.

2. Regular hat posting for the project will continue, unabated. I’ve been knitting my fingers to the bone to get ahead on my hat knitting so that I could participate in this project without too much of a problem, so I’ll have plenty of hats to post about during that two week span. I’ll be posting updates to the Ravelympics as well, but I don’t want to fall off schedule because of this.

3. All the hats knitted for the Ravelympics will officially count as the 50th hat for the project. As the Olympics wind down right at the end of February, and the 50th hat celebration kicks off the very next day (March 1!!), it seems only fitting to share the hats I’ve made for the Ravelympics as my 50th hat! This will also give me the chance to go into more detail about the two week process of knitting the hats, share some war wounds (if there are any) and more!

I’m getting excited for this challenge to kick off! More to come soon on the 50th hat celebration as well – I’ve got tons of fun treats planned, and it’s going to be a blasty-blast for sure!


Are you on Ravelry? If so, are you participating in the Ravelympics? I had thought about starting a One Hundred Hats team this year, but it didn’t pan out – frankly, with planning the 50th hat celebration, I’m not sure I could have handled it! However, I’d love to hear what some of you are knitting during that time-frame , whether it’s for the Ravelympics or not!

So go ahead and share your blog links in the comments to this post, and I’ll go ahead and start a link list in the side-bar – an Olympic list for Olympic knitters!

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