Feb 11, 2010

Ravelympics Redux

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Knitting my way through hats #44 and #45 right now {because I need to get different needles for one, I simply started the other until I can get to the store – I’m crazy like that!}, and I’m just now realizing the Ravelympics begin TOMORROW NIGHT! I currently have only one ball of the brown yarn I was going to use wound up, I’m not up to where I want to be on my hats, and I’ve got a bag full of WIPs that need to get tackled.

And with that, I’m changing my Ravelympics plan.

Instead of knitting through all the brown yarn in my stash {I’ll do that at a later date}, I’m setting the following goals:
    1. Finish up through hat #50 for the One Hundred Hats.

    2. Complete all the WIP projects in my bag.
    The first should be rather easy – as long as I stay on the knitting path I’ve been following for the past few weeks, I should complete the last six hats without a problem. The second goal could fare a bit more difficult, however. Here is a list of what is in my WIP bag:
    • Shawl for mom

    • Blanket for Schimmel babe

    • Sweater for Ryan’s babe

    • Hat for Ryan’s babe

    • Ultra super secret surprise knitting
    It’s not a lot, but two of the projects are HUGE! And yet … I think, if I put my mind to it, I can accomplish it! So this, then, is my new goal.
    Are you participating in the Ravelympics?

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