Feb 17, 2010

Star-Crossed (#45)

My first attempt at a beret didn't turn out so well, but before I could get around to blocking out Mary Jane, I had another beret on the needles. This time around, I found a pattern that called for larger needles, worked up super fast, and was a wonderful knit.

 I had to re-do much of the knitting I did on this hat during my first pass, due to some faulty pattern-reading on my part, but once I got going the correct way, Star Crossed took less than four hours from cast on to bind off! I love love LOVE the way the cables snake their way across the hat, and if I didn't feel silly in berets I'd want one for myself no question.

These shots were taken pre-blocking, for the record. Based on the thinner nature of the yarn, I could probably have knit this hat on size 8/9 US (5.0/5.5 mm) and blocked it out a bit, but since I knit it to pattern specs I don't know that my Star Crossed even NEEDS blocking!

Specs: Star Crossed Slouchy Beret, by Natalie Larson (free Ravelry download); knit with Fisherman's Wool in brown on size 10/11 (6.0/8.0 mm) needles.

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