Mar 31, 2010

The Story: Linda Blakely

In an effort to recognize I am not alone in my desire to change the world one hand-knit at a time, I’m sharing the stories of fellow crafters who are using their knitting for good.

I’ve found that as I engage other knitters in conversation, it is rare that a knitter isn’t actively engaged in making the space around them kinder, more peaceful and happier using their yarn and needles. By sharing our stories, we are building a narrative of world-change.

In Her Own Words: My name is Linda Blakely. I'm from all over. Military Brat. I started knitting about 30 years ago, taught by my mother. I got away from it for more than a decade (I know...why on earth???) but resumed knitting after seeing all the gorgeous handspuns and hand-dyes on Etsy. Then came Ravelry, and I was sucked back into the fold. After being commissioned by Regretsy to knit some hats for charity, I realized this was something I wanted to do full-time, so I created my own non-profit called ConnieCaps, Inc.

1. What’s one way you consistently use your knitting to change the world? My hairdresser saw that I was making chemo caps and asked me to knit one for her friend, who was undergoing treatment for cancer. She asked for specific colors, and that's what gave me the idea to make ConnieCaps customizable. We have several ready-made hats that the cancer patient can choose from, or they can special order a hat from one of eight different styles.

2. Is there a quote, piece of advice, or nugget of truth you’ve carried with you on your knitting journey? Persistence always wins. I've worked on several projects where I just didn't like the way it was turning out, no matter how many times I reworked. Just when I would be about to give up, things just fell into place and the yarn, needles, and my perseverance became harmonious and the project got finished.

3. What would be your knitting dream? A megabuck shopping spree at my favorite yarn stores, both online and off.

4. What are your favorite materials to work with? Bamboo, Cashmere, Alpaca, Angora. Oh Lordy, the decadence!

5. Who are some of your knitting influencers? My mom, who taught me how to knit. All the multi-talented spinners and dyers on Etsy.

7. What is the legacy you want to leave? I want to make people happy with my knitting. If I can make a cancer patient's day a little brighter with a nice hat, then I'm good :-D

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If you are interested in sharing your story with the knitting community, shoot me an e-mail ( I’ll send you a copy of the questions along with a few instructions!

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