Mar 26, 2010

this weekend

This weekend is set to be another busy one! We're spending some time with family to celebrate the life of my great-grandmother, who passed away last week after a glorious 103 years of life. Because there will be a fair bit of hanging around - plenty of time for hand-fidgeting - I'm bringing along reinforcements.
This weekend
This bowl of yarn will accompany me all over this weekend. That's hat #56 on the needles {in pink}, which I hope to have done before Saturday afternoon. At that point I'll be stuffing the green yarns (three skeins-worth) into my purse so I can whip through a bunch of adorable baby hats. The goal is to knock out hats #56-#61 before Monday evening. Should be super exciting!

Here's hoping your weekend is full of celebrations of life - with all the gorgeous spring weather happening all around us, it shouldn't be too hard!

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