Apr 28, 2010

a few presents for my cousin

in my family, we've got lots of cousins who aren't really related by blood. such is the case with Mike and Sara. Mike's mom is my god-mother, so we grew up together, and consider one another family to be sure. while neither of us was able to make it to the others wedding, we've since made up for it thanks to amazing Mediterranean food and even better conversation.

when i found out Sara was pregnant, i immediately began plotting the knitting i would be doing. so when i found out they didn't want to find out the baby's sex, i had to put on the brakes slightly. on hold are my visions of sweaters and blankets (perfect First Christmas presents to be sure!), and on board were a few projects good for either a boy or a girl.

recently received in their mail box was this little group of hand-knits. perfect for the spring and summer months, none of the yarn is too heavy. and perfect for parents who can't wait to be surprised by their new little one, two hats - one in a girl-friendly color and one for a super tough boy - were included in the package. they have promised to donate whichever one they don't use to the hospital, so another babe can look super-fly in their handmade hat!

the pants are from my favorite baby pants pattern, Kanoko Pants by ymymmylm. meant to be knit with cotton yarn, i ended up using a bamboo blend to make these babies easy, breezy, and summer-ready. hopefully the little one can wear these all spring and summer long, and even into the fall!

the hats are made from my favorite baby hat pattern, Cabled Baby Hats by Hey Julie. Perfect to stretch over not just a newborn's head, but to fit for quite a few months, i love all the cabley goodness this hat has to offer! and the sleep sack is my own pattern - i'll be sharing it here in a few days with you, but it's been available for free download on Ravelry for quite some time.

I love how it can double as wrapping for all your baby hand-knits, and will help keep the little one warm on blustery nights! i can't wait to meet the newest little member of my amazing family, get to know him or her a bit, and then get to work on some Christmas presents!

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