Apr 20, 2010

Ganomey (#63)

By the end of last week, I'd been knitting the same hat for four days - probably the longest I'd knit one single hat since the beginning of the project - and I was still not even halfway done. Frustrated with my progress, I had a full day of "Knitting sucks!" thoughts before I decided to put down the hat I'd been working on and pick up something new.

Enter Ganomey.

Leave it to Elizabeth Zimmerman to cure my “knitting stinks!” attitude I was sporting yesterday! In an effort to start knocking down many birds with one stone, I cast on the Ganomey hat right after work. Not only was I working on another one of the One Hundred Hats, I was also knitting one Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern (the goal is ten) AND knitting something from one of my craft books (I want to knit something from each of them). Add to all that excitement the fact that, as of my lunchtime, I was completely done with the hat, ends woven in and photographs taken – less than 24 hours after casting on – and I may have found the perfect “rainy day attitude” knitting pattern!

Ganomey is the perfect introduction to Elizabeth Zimmerman patterns – she tends to write very succinct directions, leaving much to the knitter to work through on her own. Perfect for those who love the joy of figuring things out, but it can be scary for those who are used to being handed directions that spell out the increases and decreases of a project line by line {like me}. Over the course of the last eight months (can I really have been knitting hats for that long?!)

I’ve learned enough about hat construction that the succinct explanations given by EZ didn’t scare me as much as they had a year ago – I was ready to jump in and increase and decrease my way to an adorable (hopefully!) hat to add to the One Hundred Hats collection. And as the increases and decreases created an adorable and fun hat that fits my head perfectly, I began to have visions of hundreds of these hats adorning the heads of children and adults alike all over the world!

I was so excited about this idea I almost abandoned the entire basis of the One Hundred Hats pattern so I could make the next 40 or so hats in the project using just this pattern. Alas, that is not the intent of my hats project, so I will have to leave my Ganomey love for another project.

For now, I’m satisfied knowing I’ve found a hat pattern I want to gift to everyone, make over and over, and that can be done in just under a day. Knitting attitude, be gone! Specs: Ganomey hat by Elizabeth Zimmerman; knit using stash dark green yarn and size 8 needles.

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