Apr 2, 2010

How I Do It

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some posts from my personal blog, A Devine Life. This is one of them, originally posted on August 17, 2009.

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On the wake of posting a slew of new finished objects, I'm going to answer a question posed in the comments, one I get asked more often than I care to admit. Simply put, "how do I do it all?"

In truth, there is SO much I don't do. Which, I know, is the most trite and common answer you hear from bloggers. But I just vaccuumed for the first time in months (seriously. it was gross), we rarely eat home-cooked meals, and I spend most of my days and nights on the computer.

My response to the "how I do it all" question fell into a different category than this general admittance of sloth and disgusting living. I think that the how it all gets done question can be answered in two ways.

First, I think my brain moves like 10 times faster than other brains. Which sounds arrogant, but I tend to lose track of time, days and weeks blend together because by the time everyone else has processed an idea or a plan I'm already three steps into things or have moved on completely to others. Couple this with an almost sickening OCD-like love of planning and lists, and by the time I put one of my plans into action, the whole thing is divided into easily followable steps. I'm convinced, in fact, that just about anyone could take one of my big plans and complete it just fine thanks to my psychotically thorough notes.

Second, at least when it comes to my knitting, I carry a project with me everywhere. Literally everywhere. Case in point?

This is my knitting project, one of about four on the needles currently. It's sitting with me on a blanket at a concert last week. That's right, I took knitting with me to an outdoor concert. I got some strange looks as I went through security, that's for sure! I've brought my knitting to football games, movies, and will knit if I'm in the passenger seat for more than 5 minutes. These moments of knitting add up!

I'm completely aware of the fact that this pace cannot last forever. Someday we will start a family, and my crafting time will be cut in half (at the very least!), the time taken up by babies and more family time. But for now, I work at a frenetic pace, and hopefully you all enjoy the benefits!

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