Apr 7, 2010

Israel In Maroon (#60)

I've been taking some time to finish up some baby knits I need to get shipped off as presents in the next few days, so hat posting has been light to be sure. I have managed to knit my way through one hat at least in the last few days, however.

Channah Koppel is a woman who collects hats for Israeli soldiers through a charity she started - Hats for Israeli Soldiers. Unlike here in America, all young men and women are required to serve in the Israeli army for a period of two to three years, so military service is simply part of a young person's life.

Channah is a mom who has a son serving in the army, and began collecting hats for the young men and women she knew. The project grew by leaps and bounds, and now she collects over 2,000 hats a year! This maroon version of the hat is going to be donated along with the other 100 hats I'm knitting, but I have committed to knitting another hat in black, according to charitable specifications, as a thank you for giving the hat pattern for free to the knitting universe.  

Specs: Ribbed Watchman's Hat, by Channah Koppel; knit using leftover maroon yarn from my stash and size 8 bamboo needles.

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