Apr 12, 2010

Lucky 7's (#61)

Whew! After a whirl-wind weekend of knitting and getting some great stuff done to the house {including my husband fixing our stairs - a project we thought would end up taking MONTHS - in approximately an hour!}, I seem to have run out of steam when it came time to take photos of some of the hats I've gotten knitted. Don't believe me? Check out the completely UN-inspiring photo for the latest hat in the project, Lucky 7's!

I must be on a jag wherein my stitches are ending up a bit tighter, because this hat was meant to fit my head loosely. Um, nope! And between the smallness of the hat, the super sun that's shining today {it's got to be 80 degrees outside!} and the discovery that flowy sleeves make me look a good eight inches wider in photos than I am, I'm not at all happy with the way the documentation of this hat turned out.

I am, however, in love love LOVE with the Lucky 7's hat pattern, and have added it to my list of "must knit again" patterns! The free pattern works up fast and gorgeous - seven cables around, knit seven times, crossing on the seventh row each time means whoever ends up in this hat will be one lucky little guy indeed! Those looking for a fun cabled hat to have at the ready for fall/winter gifts would be smart to pick this pattern up from Ravelry post-haste - you won't regret it!  

Specs: Lucky 7's hat by weezalana {Ravelry link}; knit using stashed blue wool and size 8 bamboo needles.

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