Apr 1, 2010

Preemie Hats (#57-#59)

Who doesn't love adorable baby knits? I get sucked in at least once a week on Ravelry, favoriting and queuing up dozens of adorable baby knits before having to reign myself back in! Thanks to this project, however, I'm able to keep the baby hats in the queue for the days that I want/need a quick hat fix.

These three lovelies are thanks to a pattern from Carissa Knits - five patterns actually, with a ribbed and a striped version of the baby/preemie hat to round out the whole (free!) deal. I had just enough yarn to knit up these three - the diamond version, the eyelet version, and the heart version - while away last weekend. They were the perfect traveling companions to be sure, although I had to continually explain that I was in fact knitting them for babes that are not my own.

Specs: preemie hats by Carissa Knits (free patterns); knit with stash green DK weight yarn and size 5 bamboo DPNS.

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