Apr 26, 2010

renovations and knitting

it's been quite the busy weekend! we started renovations on our extra bedroom - soon to be my brother Dan's bedroom for the summer. one of the last rooms we need to redo, it needs new floors, new windows, and some new paint. we got started on the new floors part this weekend - ripping up the carpet, pulling up all the padding and staples, and laying down the new sub-floor.

while working on all this, i also managed to cast on a new hat. an acquaintance is going on a book tour this fall, and i offered to knit her a turquoise hat to wear as she tours around the country. and with her good eye, she picked one of my favorite hat patterns - Pasha.

who knew turquoise yarn was not only extremely difficult to find, but even harder to photograph!? even after serious adjustments on the computer (something i'm not normally a fan of) the color still doesn't match the gorgeousness of the hat.

hopefully, as i finish up the hat i'll be able to figure out a way to photograph the color better so you can all see how perfectly the color and the pattern blend together. turquoise is definitely one of Shauna's favorite colors, and as i knit this hat it's fast becoming one of mine as well!

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