Apr 18, 2010

the spring game tradition grows

One of our family traditions is the annual trek west to Lincoln for the Huskers Spring Game. While most schools have a few hundred people show up to their spring game, Nebraska sells out the stadium, we all wear our Husker Red, and the whole day is treated like it's a fall game.

Like any good fan, we kicked off our morning at Sandy's with some Elk Creek - it's like a Long-Island Iced Tea, but with with orange juice and some fizzy added. Once we're good and morning-tipsy, it's time to head off to the stadium.

Just like at a fall game, when the first points are scored we all release balloons - it's all very non-friendly to the environment, but I take extra care to pick up trash and recycle the rest of the year to make up for it.

{cutest couple award!}

We tend to only last until just after halftime, when we head back downtown to designate a driver, the rest of us drink some more, and then we head back to Omaha.

Always a good time! Bonus? It looks like we've got a good team again this year, Ndamukong Suh showed up and got a standing ovation when he shared his desire to donate MILLIONS of dollars to the university for scholarship funds, and there's only 139 days until the first fall game!


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